Laval Repair and Maintenance

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B&b Solutions Inc.

Laval, Quebec
Telephone: (450) 667-8778

We specialize in providing IT products and maintenance to enduser organizations, government contractors and all levels of government. We are a full stocking remarketer of quality refurbished high end ...
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Proshop Service Auto Expert

Laval, Quebec
Telephone: (450) 668-8573

Maintenance and repair cars and trucksProshop service auto expert
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Listo Lub

Laval, Quebec
Telephone: (514) 209-9090

LISTO LUB Offers an On-Site Mobile Oil Change and Seasonal Tire Change Service. Cars, fleet vehicles, service vehicles, trucks, big or small we do them all. WE COME TO YOU FOR A CHANGE !LISTO LUB ...
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Atelier Nor Enr.

Laval, Quebec
Telephone: (450) 629-7430

Rembourrage et réparation de tous meubles; spécialité: chaise de dentiste.Rembourrage Remise à neuf de meubles; spécialité: chaise de dentiste
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Les Entreprises Le Guerrier

Laval, Quebec
Telephone: 450-629-2855
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Ressorts Industriels Laval Inc

Laval, Quebec
Telephone: 450-661-5157
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Camions Concorde Enr

Laval, Quebec
Telephone: 450-669-4600
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Convexpert Inc

Laval, Quebec
Telephone: 450-662-3534
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Debosselage Peinture Richer

Laval, Quebec
Telephone: 450-668-3315
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Freins Nbl

Laval, Quebec
Telephone: 450-973-7700
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Garage D & D Inc

Laval, Quebec
Telephone: 450-663-2131
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Manoir Forger Enr

Laval, Quebec
Telephone: 450-661-9618
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Peintures Eurotek Inc

Laval, Quebec
Telephone: 450-681-2216
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Pro De La Bosse Inc

Laval, Quebec
Telephone: 450-688-2422
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Bentleys Auto

Laval, Quebec
Telephone: 450-967-5449
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Carrosserie Auto Vision Enr

Laval, Quebec
Telephone: 450-667-0999
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Carrossesrie Richard Lambert

Laval, Quebec
Telephone: 450-661-2890
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Centre De Camions Cara Enr

Laval, Quebec
Telephone: 450-967-7588
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Centre De Svc Plante

Laval, Quebec
Telephone: 450-681-3188
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Laval, Quebec
Telephone: 450-625-0449
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Laval, Quebec
Telephone: 450-681-9522
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Garage J Bastien

Laval, Quebec
Telephone: 450-688-6632
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Garage Longchamp

Laval, Quebec
Telephone: 450-667-1763
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Lefebvre & Latour Station Svc

Laval, Quebec
Telephone: 450-669-6995
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Mecanique Mgd Inc

Laval, Quebec
Telephone: 450-969-6606
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P Lessard Carrossier Inc

Laval, Quebec
Telephone: 450-669-2829
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Laval, Quebec
Telephone: 450-688-3355
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Pneus Express Inc

Laval, Quebec
Telephone: 450-668-0463
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Radiateurs Decarie St Eustache

Laval, Quebec
Telephone: 450-688-6612
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Laval, Quebec
Telephone: 450-963-0244
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Uni Pro

Laval, Quebec
Telephone: 450-625-9312
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Atelier Nor

Laval, Quebec
Telephone: 450-629-7430
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B&b Solutions Inc.

Laval, Quebec
Telephone: 450-667-8778
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Industries in the Repair and Maintenance subsector restore machinery, equipment, and other products to working order. These establishments also typically provide general or routine maintenance (i.e., servicing) on such products to ensure they work efficiently and to prevent breakdown and unnecessary repairs. The NAICS structure for this subsector brings together most types of repair and maintenance establishments and categorizes them based on production processes (i.e., on the type of repair and maintenance activity performed, and the necessary skills, expertise, and processes that are found in different repair and maintenance establishments). This NAICS classification does not delineate between repair services provided to businesses versus those that serve households. Although some industries primarily serve either businesses or households, separation by class of customer is limited by the fact that many establishments serve both. Establishments repairing computers and consumer electronics products are two examples of such overlap. The Repair and Maintenance subsector does not include all establishments that do repair and maintenance. For example, a substantial amount of repair is done by establishments that also manufacture machinery, equipment, and other goods. These establishments are included in the Manufacturing sector in NAICS. In addition, repair of transportation equipment is often provided by or based at transportation facilities, such as airports, seaports, and these activities are included in the Transportation and Warehousing sector. A particularly unique situation exists with repair of buildings. Plumbing, electrical installation and repair, painting and decorating, and other construction-related establishments are often involved in performing installation or other work on new construction as well as providing repair services on existing structures. While some specialize in repair, it is difficult to distinguish between the two types and all have been included in the Construction sector. Excluded from this subsector are establishments primarily engaged in rebuilding or remanufacturing machinery and equipment. These are classified in Sector 31-33, Manufacturing. Also excluded are retail establishments that provide after-sale services and repair. These are classified in Sector 44-45, Retail Trade.