Omega Metal Works Inc
3496 Boul Leman
Laval, Quebec H7E 1A1
Telephone: 450-661-3600
Fax: 450-492-9632

Company overview for Omega Metal Works Inc

Industry: Cabinets-metal (manufacturers)
Supply chain placement: Unknown
Year founded: Unknown
Number of employees: 10
Annual sales: CAD $2.5 million

Company profile

Upholstered furniture, household-type, custom, manufacturing, Furniture, household-type, upholstered on frames of any material, manufacturing, Convertible sofas (except futons) manufacturing, Ottomans, upholstered, manufacturing, Sofas, upholstered, manufacturing, Couches, upholstered, manufacturing, Living room furniture, upholstered, manufacturing, Cushion springs, assembled, manufacturing, Household-type furniture, upholstered, manufacturing, Chairs, upholstered household-type (except dining ...

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Yves Michaud