Maison Diormica Enr
3845 Montee Masson
Laval, Quebec H7B 1C1
Telephone: 450-666-4771
Fax: 450-666-0482

Company overview for Maison Diormica Enr

Industry: Furniture-manufacturers
Supply chain placement: Unknown
Year founded: Unknown
Number of employees: Unknown
Annual sales: CAD $1 million

Company profile

Chairs, stacking, auditorium-type, manufacturing, Chairs, barber and beauty (i.e., hydraulic), manufacturing, Stadium seating manufacturing, Prison bed manufacturing, Furniture, restaurant-type, manufacturing, Furniture, factory-type (e.g., cabinets, stools, tool stands, work benches), manufacturing, Bleacher seating manufacturing, Benches, work, manufacturing, Work benches manufacturing, Bowling center furniture manufacturing, Restaurant furniture (e.g., carts, chairs, foodwagons, tables) ...

Business opportunities



Richard Belanger