Bedcolab Limited
2305 Av Francis-hughes
Laval, Quebec H7S 1N5
Telephone: 514-384-2820
Fax: 514-384-9292

Company overview for Bedcolab Limited

Industry: Cabinets-metal (manufacturers)
Supply chain placement: Unknown
Year founded: Unknown
Number of employees: Unknown
Annual sales: CAD $20 million

Company profile

Couch springs, assembled, manufacturing, Couches, upholstered, manufacturing, Metal framed furniture, household-type, upholstered, manufacturing, Chair and couch springs, assembled, manufacturing, Cushion springs, assembled, manufacturing, Cot springs, assembled, manufacturing, Furniture, household-type, upholstered on frames of any material, manufacturing, Ottomans, upholstered, manufacturing, Chairs, upholstered household-type (except dining room, kitchen), manufacturing, Sofa beds and chair ...

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Gerald Bedard